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Hey everyone! Most of you know me from motivating you during sweaty sessions you never believed you could get through alone. For those of you just getting to know me, fitness is more than just my career. It's my passion: a passion I hope to continue developing and practicing for many years to come.


My passion for sweaty sessions started with my first gym membership at age 15. I looked forward to my group fitness classes every week. I loved how I felt after accomplishing those classes, proving to myself I could finish every rep the instructor asked of us. The growth and strength I gained kept me coming back. 6 years and a fitness certification later, I started teaching my own sweaty sessions, inspired by those classes I had looked forward to every week.


I am often asked what my favorite part of my “job” is (and I place “job” in quotations because it feels far from one). While I'm teaching, I feel the most "me." Everything turns off: every doubt, any anxious thought, any stressor. The only thing that's left is my true self. I feel at home any time I have a mic strapped on with the music blasting. I'm fortunate enough to have found my purpose and reason through giving to others and helping change people’s lives daily. My career is so much more than making my clients sweat or shed a few pounds, it's having them feel that same sensation I get to experience every day. It’s a feeling of, I am whole, and I made that happen for myself. I'm so grateful and humbled that clients trust me with some of their most vulnerable moments, teaching and inspiring them to dive into their untapped potential. I live for the unfiltered human exchange that spontaneously happens behind closed doors in every group fitness class. Each class holds an unspoken energy you can't recreate outside of that moment.


For me, fitness is more than just a means to lose weight or fit into my next summer outfit. Fitness is my therapy, my escape, and it’s how I clear my mind, center myself, and dim the mental chatter that happens in my head.


After years of both teaching and participating, I noticed a gap in the fitness industry and a shift that needed to happen. [[insert MELTprjct]]


How MELTprjct came to be

I found that clients separated mindful practices from cardio-based disciplines. Individuals often choose to take a yoga class to experience something grounding and a cardio session to get a good sweat, but I feel that the same spiritual experience can happen at both. Through this union of spirituality and sweat, MELTprjct was born.


MELTprjct bridges the gap between strength and serenity, showing people they have the power to create their best selves. We open every session with 10 minutes of reflection and intention-setting, centering us to stay present and simply connect to our chosen course. This intention keeps us rooted during our entire practice. Once you’ve created an intent for your mindful sweat, you’ll feel the heat through 20 minutes of circuit training. With uniquely designed daily programs that target different muscle groups throughout the week, you’ll never repeat the same class twice. We’ll flow into heavy bag work with ten 2 minute rounds of boxing --- where every jab-cross brings you closer to your intention and has you feeling like a champ with real purpose.


We’re so lucky to partner with KONDITION fitness and open up shop hopefully by the end of this summer. The studio space unfortunately can’t host the weight of our boxing bags and requires construction of a steel structure. This structure will host all ten bags and allow the bags to slide in and out of the space to create a more versatile studio setup. My partner and I have already purchased all equipment, marketing materials, and supplies to make our project come to life: all that’s left is to hang these bags and get to punching. This is where I need your help.


Our welder fees are as follows:

$4,722.00 Materials

$2,900.00 Shop labor

$3,400.00 Installation labor

Total: $11,022.00


Our structural engineering fees are as follows:

$34.00 Account Setup

$1,590.00 Engineering Design

$505.00 On-Site Design Meeting

Total: $2,129.00


Our on site construction fees are as follows:

$849.00 Dry wall reconstruction

$1,500.00 Flooring

Total: $2,349.00


Grand total: $15,500.00


Every little bit helps, no matter the amount. This support means the world to me. Thank you for helping me create a safe and welcoming space for those looking for a mindful sweat.


Please take the time to share and spread this campaign through your social media and email platforms.


Thank you again!